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Adelaide Driving School

Over 20 Years Of Experience
Behind The Wheels

Adelaide, Australia




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Urban Driving School

What we provide

  • Learn how to drive for beginners

  • International licensed conversion

  • VORT (Vehicle on Road Test) training/lessons 

  • CBTA (Competency Based Training and assessment)/logbook

  • Pickup from your preferred location

  • Police and child safety clearance instructors and examiners

Why Choose Us ?

Instructors are multilingual
Instructors are multilingual  
English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese
Instructors are highly experienced and friendly
Instructors are
highly experienced and friendly
Prices are reasonable
Prices are reasonable
Highly successful training structure
Highly successful training structure

We Open 7 Days A Week

Please contact us for a free consultation and don't hesitate to book an appointment.

Driving on the road

"After 30 seconds in the car with Anthony I felt relaxed and calm. He is an excellent teacher who has made my driving skills absolutely perfect. His sense of humour made the lessons even more enjoyable. There will definitely be a few referrals coming his way as he is excellent! 

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