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Start Your Driving Journey  The Way You Like

Start Your Driving Journey
The Way You Like.


Vehicle on Road Test     training/lessons 

The vehicle on road test will test your skills and knowledge as a safe and competent driver. Your test will take approximately 45 minutes and you will be required to demonstrate 5 low speed manoeuvres (moving off, angle park, U-turn, 3-point turn and reverse parallel park) as well as a general drive.
Vehicle on Road Test


Competency Based Training and Assessment

This option allows you to undertake training with an a CBT&A Authorised Examiner. The Authorised Examiner will conduct your training in accordance with the Competency Based Training course in the Driving Companion.

As you successfully complete each task in the CBT&A course, your achievement will be recorded on your task forms by your Authorised Examiner.

Successful performance in all 30 tasks will result in the training course being completed and a Certificate of Competency issued. The Certificate of Competency will allow you to obtain your Provisional Licence provided you have completed the 75 hours of supervised driving and passed the Hazard Perception Test.

Practise the Hazard Perception Test

Hazard Perception Test
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